• You purchased an accounting program, but never find time to use it.
• You’ve inputted data, but the reports don’t look right.
• Taxes must be filed, but your paperwork is a mess.
• You’ve been trying to reconcile your bank account, but it’s just not working.
• How should you enter payroll into your accounting program?

Our small business bookkeeping services can help.

Our small business bookkeeping services will get your books in order so you’ll have a clear picture of how profitable your small business is, understand where your money is going and have accurate information to use for filing taxes.

Whether you need monthly, quarterly or even annual bookkeeping for small business, we will keep your books up to date so you’ll be able to access your financial records whenever you need them.

Working with us is easy. If you’re in Park Slope, Brooklyn or Manhattan, we can come to you, or you can send us your paperwork and we can update your accounting program remotely or use our own software and send you reports.

If you need additional help, we will pay your bills directly from our office, answer questions and do regular reviews to nip any problems in the bud. And, we will also help you with your payroll, sales tax and other business taxes through our accounting and small business tax services. We also provide personal bookkeeping for individuals and families.

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If you need reliable small business bookkeeping services, give our small business accountants a call today at 718-638-3338 or click here to schedule a time to discuss your needs and learn more about bookkeeping for small business.

Park Slope based Victoria Brush is an Enrolled Agent licensed to practice before the Internal Revenue Service