Thanks for visiting our site. Here are some testimonials and reviews of our tax preparation and bookkeeping services.

“Each year as a business owner, whose concentration is in the Art of Midwifery, I find myself in the tomb (or is it womb?) of money, taxes, and receipts. I come to Victoria with my packet of official and loose papers, hand them to her, and trust she will take care of me. I have owed money (lots of it) but by Victoria’s wise and studied council I have improved my handling of my own money. With courtesy, smarts and lots of good humor, Victoria has made it so that I actually look forward to our annual meetings. Sometimes I can even catch her for a question or two at the Park Slope Food Coop, she remembers me that well. To create a business that reflects a sense of ethics, I find it refreshing that Victoria shares an understanding of the conscious management of money. I recommend her services highly.”

– M.T., Brooklyn, NY

“Before working with Victoria Brush I was working with an accountant who did not fully understand the unique nature of my business and, honestly, was not interested in doing the work necessary to understand this uniqueness. The impact this had on my business was devastating. Important documents were either not filed or misfiled and I was constantly receiving government notices that I did not understand and did not have a reliable accountant to turn to for counsel.

When I connected with Victoria not only did she instantly and quickly clean up the mess that had been created, but she immediately demonstrated her willingness to understand the nature of my business as well as point out additional areas of tax concerns for me to be aware of. This has saved me a tremendous amount of time, energy and resources.

Victoria is not only extremely smart and detail oriented, but I trust her to handle every situation with utmost professionalism and attention. I rely on her for both my business and personal taxes as well as I have referred her to both my own clients and friends. There seriously does not seem to be any accounting situation that she cannot handle.

I truly credit Victoria for playing a role in my business revenue increasing every year since I have been working with her. I highly recommend Victoria for any of your accounting needs.”

– H.D., NYC

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Park Slope based Victoria Brush is an Enrolled Agent licensed to practice before the Internal Revenue Service